How do I Activate my new Virgin Mobile service?

How do I Activate my new Virgin Mobile service?

Once you've got your Virgin Mobile Starter Pack, you will need to have it activated.

Simply come along to our Online Activation Page.

Select from the options below for more detailed instructions (and pictures)!

Some more information about activating:

  • You can activate your new Virgin Mobile Service Online Here
  • If you prefer you can call our Customer Service Team on: 1300 555 100 any day 7am to 11pm AEST and select Option 2, then Option 2 again.
  • Remember to have your Starter Kit with you when you call as you will need the information on it to get your new service switched on.
  • If you’re bringing a number in from another company, you’ll need to activate the Virgin Mobile number that has come with your Starter Kit, so that we’ll have somewhere to transfer your existing number to. During the activation process you will be asked if you’re bringing an existing number in from another company, and then prompted for the details.
  • We'll need some personal details to activate your service for you, like your address and home phone number.
  • Travelling in Australia? We can't use your address back home as the format won't work with our Aussie-based systems, however we can use the address of the hotel or motel you are staying in while you're here.
  • Don't have a landline number? Worry not!  Where can you best be contacted? Who can contact you and knows you by your first name?  Do they have a landline?  Then that's your best contactable landline number.

Don't panic if:

  • you've thrown away the packaging the SIM card came in.  Just write down the 13 digit number you will find on the SIM card and give our friendly Customer Service Team a call to activate your service.  note: It may be hard to see (tiny writing) but it will help us to find the mobile number.


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