How do I upgrade or change my plan?

How do I upgrade or change my plan?

Upgrading your existing phone is easy...


Take a look at our online upgrades page to get the ball rolling right now...  


If you want more details on the options you have when it comes to changing your existing service or equipment, take a look below:




Get a new handset and plan


  • Upgrading to a new handset when you have an existing commitment means you'll need to pay the current one out. The amount depends on how long you have to go until the end of your commitment, and goes down every month when you pay your bill

  • You can visit our online upgrades if you want to get started now

Upgrade to a higher plan (not a BYO plan)

Keeping your existing handset on the current commitment? Then you can upgrade (in this case a Rate Plan Change) to a higher plan without restarting your commitment with these conditions:

  • The new and existing plans must be in the same "family" in order to make an easy change within a commitment (pro rata will still apply)

  • You can only change to a plan that is currently available

  • You are not required to pay out the commitment to move to a higher cap or the same minimum cap spend(of the same family)

  • Handset payments will remain unchanged while the commitment is standing

If you wish to downgrade in the future, you can only move back to the original minimum spend level that the service started on, without penalty (note: Plan must still be available)

Contact us via email or call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 555 100 7am to 11pm EST, 7 days. They'll take you through the available options and recommend the one that suits you best


Please be advised that changing rate plans will result in your next bill being charged Pro Rata

Downgrade to a lower plan

  • Not in a 24 month commitment?

    Changing to a plan with a lower monthly minimum spend won't cost you anything

  • In a 24 month commitment?

    If you've increased your minimum spend plan at any time within the commitment, you can go down to any plan the same or higher than the one you started on, provided the plan is still available. If you want to go to a plan with a lower minimum spend than the one you started on, you'd have to pay out your commitment.

For example:

If you started a commitment on the XYZ plan with $29 minimum spend, but upgraded it later to XYZ $39 minimum speend, then you CAN go back to the XYZ $29 plan providing the XYZ $29 plan is still available. 


If you wanted to go to the XYZ $19 plan we'd have to ask you to pay your commitment out.


If you want to organise the change now then go to our online upgrades page to get started. 


To find out whether your service is in a commitment and for assistance in downgrading your plan, contact us via email or call our Customer Service team on 1300 555 100 7am to 11pm EST, 7 days.  



Change my BYO plan

  • Not in a commitment and going to a new BYO plan?  Contact us via email or call our Customer Service team on 1300 555 100 7am to 11pm EST, 7 days



Change my Prepaid plan


Upgrade from Prepaid to a BYO Postpaid plan

  • Check out our current BYO plans then contact us to let us know which plan you would like to upgrade to

  • Contact us via email or by calling our Customer Service team on 1300 555 100, 7am to 11pm EST, 7 days

Upgrading from Prepaid to a new handset on a Postpaid plan

Prepaid credit


  • When you convert from Prepaid to Postpaid, any remaining credit on your Prepaid service will be credited towards your first monthly bill.


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