How do I unlock my Apple iPhone?

How do I unlock my Apple iPhone?

We are only able to unlock an Apple iPhone purchased through Virgin Mobile.

What's the Procedure?

  1. You will need to perform a Full Restore of your iPhone with the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Once the phone has been restored, you can insert the new carrier SIM card and Sync it with iTunes.

Note: Authorised Apple Carriers push the APN settings through iTunes so there would be no requirement to manually enter this information.


Is there an unlock Fee?

There is no unlocking fees on any iPhone!

What should I do if my iphone is still locked?

Email us with your  your phone or service number and your 6-digit PIN and confirm your email address to request your unlock code.

We'll be in touch shortly with a reply based on your specific details.

Alternatively, contact our Customer Service team by phone on 1300 555 100 between 7am and 11pm EDT, 7 days a week.


Note: You can continue to use your Virgin Mobile SIM in an unlocked iPhone.

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