How to unlock your phone or modem

Generally, Virgin Mobile devices are not network locked. But if you encounter issues using a different provider's SIM in your device, here's what you should do;

Confirm if the device is network locked 

  1. Turn your phone/modem off – disconnect from any cables
  2. Remove your Virgin SIM Card
  3. Insert a non-Virgin Mobile SIM Card
  4. Turn your phone/modem on
  5. Your phone/modem will indicate if it is network locked.

Some common Network Locked errors are:

  • Network Locked
  • Enter Network Key
  • Unable to connect to network
  • Network Error
  • Network retrieval Error
  • Network Control Key


Request an unlock code

Contact us with the following details on hand:

  1. Phone/modem Manufacturer and Model
  2. Phone/modem IMEI Number: example – 350121212121211212
    • If you remove the battery and look on the base/back of the phone, you can find the IMEI there and it should begin with '35'.
    • Or from the dial pad/dial screen type *#06#


Unlock your phone 

The team will provide you with a network unlock code and the steps to enter this code into your device.  Once the code is entered, it can take from 15 minutes to 48 hours for your device to completely unlock.

In the rare case that the network unlock code for your device is unavailable, it may take up to 5 business day for your code to be retrieved from the manufacturer.  





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