International Roaming

Going overseas? Here's everything you need to know about using your Virgin Mobile Postpaid mobile service abroad.

International Roaming is not available for Mobile Broadband and Prepaid Mobile services.

Before Roaming

  • Please read the Roaming Fact Sheet which includes general information from the ACMA about international roaming as well as maximum charge information for popular destinations.
  • Check that your phone is compatible with overseas networks. Some countries such as Canada use different mobile technology from what we use in Australia.  
  • Make sure that your phone is network unlocked if you intend to use your service and phone overseas. 
  • Check our tips for travellers and international calling.


Switching on Roaming

  1. Before roaming is enabled, you must meet one of the following criteria;
    • You have paid your previous 3 bills on time and have no bills currently overdue 
    • You must pay for a once-off, non-refundable $250 credit on your account (this will apply to all new customers)
  2. Once overseas, your phone should automatically select a carrier when switched on.  You can manually select a network by selecting the 'Network' section on your phone.
  3. You will receive a warning SMS when you begin roaming to advise you that high charges for using your service may apply.

Please note, once roaming is activated it will remain active until you request for it to be switched off.


Switching off Roaming

You can opt out of International Roaming at any time whilst you are overseas, at no cost. To do this, you simply need to call + 61 2 8861 0588 and follow the prompts. 


Cost of Roaming 

While roaming, you will be charged for;

  • Outgoing and incoming calls and outgoing text
  • Incoming text if the carrier you're using charges for this
  • A 'Welcome SMS' received when first connecting to an overseas network
  • Accessing web services and downloading data
  • Receiving and retrieving Voicemail messages

Please note that roaming charges are on top of the minimum monthly spend and can take up to 3 months to appear on bills. Roaming charges are not billed in real time, which means you can’t rely on your Credit Limit kicking in and suspending your account to prevent extra usage.


How to make calls and SMS overseas

Call to Dial 
An international call while overseas 
  1. Dial '+' or the international access code '00'
  2. Enter the country code for the country you are calling
  3. Enter the number including the area code (if the number begins with a 0 then remove it).
An international SMS while overseas
  1. Dial '+'
  2. Enter the country code for the country you are sending the SMS to
  3. Enter the number minus the 0 at the front
A national call while overseas 
  1. Enter area code
  2. Enter the local number
Listen to voicemail  Just call +61411000212


Countries We Support Roaming In

Afghanistan Faroe Islands Liberia Saudi Arabia
Albania Fiji Liechtenstein Senegal
Algeria Finland Lithuania Serbia
Antigua France Luxembourg Seychelles
Argentina French Guiana Macau Sierre Leone
Armenia Georgia Macedonia Singapore
Austria Germany Madagascar Slovak Republic
Azerbaijan Ghana Malawi Slovenia
Bahrain Gibraltar Malaysia Solomon Islands
Bangladesh Greece Maldives South Africa
Belarus Guam Malta South Sudan
Belgium Guatemala Maritime Spain
Belize Guernsey Mauritania Sri Lanka
Bermuda Guinea Mauritius Sudan
Bhutan Guinea Bissau Mexico Sweden
Bolivia Guyana Mongolia Switzerland
Bosnia & Herzegovina Hong Kong Montenegro Syria
Botswana Hungary Morocco Tahiti
Brazil Iceland Mozambique Taiwan
Brunei India Namibia Tajikistan
Bulgaria Indonesia Nepal Tanzania
Cambodia Iran Netherlands Thailand
Cameroon Iraq New Zealand Timor
Canada Ireland Nigeria Tonga
Chad Isle Of Man Norway Trinidad
Chile Israel Oman Tunisia
China Italy Pakistan Turkey
Colombia Italy Palestine United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Cook Islands Ivory Coast Republic Norway Uganda
Congo Jamaica Panama United Kingdom (UK)
Costa Rica Japan Papua New Guinea Ukraine
JerseyCroatia Jersey Paraguay Uruguay
Curacao Jordan Peru United States of America (USA)
Cyprus Kazakhstan Philippines Uzbekistan
Czech Republic Kenya Poland Vanuatu
Denmark Korea Portugal Vietnam
Dominican Republic Kuwait Qatar Yemen
Egypt Kyrgyzstan Reunion Zambia
El Salvador Laos Romania Zimbabwe
Estonia Latvia Russian Federation  
Ethiopia Lebanon Rwanda  


Once you have read the information above, and the Roaming Fact Sheetcontact us to set up Global Roaming.


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