Lost or Stolen Phones

If you've lost, misplaced or had your phone stolen, contact us so we can bar your SIM and block your phone.



We will need to bar your SIM so no one can use it to run up charges.

If you do find your SIM card, we can remove the restrictions!

You are liable for all charges incurred on your SIM card/service up to the time you report it as lost or stolen to us.



We can use your IMEI to block your phone within 48 hours, though Emergency Services (000 and 112) will still be available.

If you find your phone or have it returned to you, contact us and we can remove the block within 48 hours.



There's no charge to have your SIM or mobile blocked. If you need a new SIM, you can collect one from your local store, or contact us and we can send you a new one at no cost. We will swap your number to the new SIM, but it will not have any of your stored information or content.


Things to consider

Barring your SIM or blocking your phone, will not cancel a commitment you have with Virgin Mobile.

You will still be charged your minimum monthly spend (and any extra fees) for the remainder of your commitment.

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