How to upgrade or change your plan

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How to upgrade or change your plan

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Looking for a change? If your plan is no longer working for you, you may consider changing to a plan that better suits your needs or you can an upgrade to a new plan if you are eligible. 

You simply need to contact us, to request a rate plan change or to upgrade to a new phone. Read on to find out more!   


Change my plan

You can move to one of our current Postpaid Mobile plans as long as the new plan is of the same or higher value (minimum monthly fee). Take a look at our plans and if you find one you like, contact us to make the change.

If you wish to downgrade in the future, you can only move back to the original minimum monthly fee level that the service started on, without penalty. Please note that you can only downgrade to a current plan

Any phone repayments will remain the same for all rate plan changes. 


Change to a lower plan

If you are not in a commitment, changing to a SIM plan or a plan with a lower minimum monthly fee won't cost you anything.

If you are in a 24 month commitment, you will need to pay it out to change to a plan lower than your original minimum monthly fee. 


Change my Prepaid plan

You can change your Prepaid plan when you recharge your phone.


Change from a Postpaid to a Prepaid mobile

If you've finished your commitment you can swap to a Prepaid mobile without any fees, though if you haven't finished your commitment you'll need to pay what's owing on your phone. Once the change has been processed, a final bill will be issued with charges up to the day the number was an active Postpaid mobile, we'll swap you to paper billing to make sure you receive it. Don't forget that Prepaid numbers will be cancelled if they're not recharged for 180 days.


Upgrading to a new phone and plan

Checking your upgrade eligibility is easy! Simply log in to My Account and select "Check Upgrade Status" from the Quick Links on the left, we'll let you know how long you have left on your contact as well as any phone repayments remaining if you're upgrading early.


To upgrade from Prepaid to a Postpaid plan, check out our current plans and then contact us or visit us in-store so we can arrange this. When you swap from Prepaid to Postpaid, any real money credit on your Prepaid service will be applied to your first monthly bill.


Your next bill

Changing rate plans will result in your next bill being charged Pro Rata.

This means that you will be charged a portion of your old plan and a portion of your new plan, and receive the equivalent included plan value. Your two separate plan value amounts will be combined over the total bill cycle to use. Once your plan change is submitted you will receive an SMS advising you of your available value.


Your old phone

Did you know that 96% of the materials found in a mobile phone can be recycled? You can recycle your old phone through Mobile Muster by heading into your local Virgin Mobile Store.