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Meal ideas app

by karlene75 on ‎03-12-2012 12:23 AM

As a mum I'd like to see a mobile phone app that contains a large database of meal ideas. 

When you're stuck for a dinner idea you type in how many will be home for dinner and it will cross reference everyone's likes and dislikes, identify when the meal was last served and take into account what's on special and what's in season. 



Interacts with Home.

by Nauce on ‎01-12-2012 11:57 AM

The ability to interact with my home so I can turn on the heater or air-con as I leave work, and then open the garage and switch on the lights as I drive into my driveway. And a GPS sensor that recognises when I leave the house and turns off all stand-by switches, and as I return switches them on again, saving me electricity, yet allowing for convenience when I am home.

Usage Notifications

by lordpetro on ‎18-12-2012 05:04 PM

The ability to set notifications on usage, so you get an SMS when you've reached the indicated percentage of your calls/text and data. e.g at 50% and 80%. I've used a 3rd party application on my iphone and find it unreliable, so having a notification direct from the provider would better.


Personally I don't know why virgin doesn't have this option already. On one side you have your sales and marketing team focused on making deals appealing, but on the other side your not helping your customers manage their usage... well I guess you did show us a devil looking 'robin da hood' in your campaigns, so it makes sense... just saying.

Recharge Period Interval Option

by aylwyn on ‎12-08-2014 12:23 PM


There are recharge options available for pre-paid. I can set a recharge when my balance hits a certain point, or on every particular day of the month.

Having an interval set to recharge on the same day every month is actually not very helpful. The pre-paid cycle is every 28 days and a month has between 28 and 31 days right?

Can we not have a recharge interval of 28 days? Either the day we're due to expire or every 28 days starting from a day we specify?

If I were more cynical I might suggest it is just in Virgin's best interest for the balance to expire and maybe there should be no auto recharge facility at all. If I were cynical...


Phone That Keeps On Going

by matt5283 on ‎28-11-2012 08:48 PM

I think a great phone innovation would be to cover the backing in solar panels so you would never run out of charge. This means all you have to do is hold your phone out everytime you have contact with light and there will be no need at all for chargers. Other than this I think a high gHZ will do wonders and a flexible 1080p display will make the phone out of this world. :smileyvery-happy:

Dash board is a good addition, but Dash board usually means you can see all the important things in a single page in the I.T. and Busines world, so it's not good that we can only see one phone number at a time, and to top off it off, we can't select another number on our account but have to log off and log back in to see the details of the different numbers on the same account!!!




Web based SMS

by Elec_Monk on ‎21-12-2012 10:44 AM

Occasionally (eg. if I leave my phone at home by mistake or am at work and don't want to be seen texting) l want to be able to fire off a SMS to my family members to let them know I can't use my phone. Why not add a facility on the Virgin Mobile site for me to send SMS's using my sign-in account? 

Reward loyal customers

by rachyd ‎05-08-2013 04:30 PM - edited ‎05-08-2013 04:41 PM

I've been with Virgin Mobile since forever, and as a long term customer I would really love to be acknowledged and rewarded in some way - I am sure many people feel the same. After all, at some stage us loyalists will have to ask, what's the point in staying? What special benefit am I getting from it? Am I better off somewhere else?


Most companies do this - spend their efforts attracting new customers and forgetting the existing ones. But you're different, right Virgin?


My idea is to have some sort of reward focus for long term customers. Perhaps:

 - special plans and deals on phones

 - freebies each month - ie 500MB free this month

 - a chance to win stuff

 - some sort of reward for staying year after year

 - you could even leverage Facebook and Twitter to turn your long term customers into brand advocates on social media

- more Virgin family perks - ie special flight sales


And if you're already doing this in some way, I don't know about it so perhaps then it's more about communicating the advantages of staying with Virgin.





by oxsin on ‎13-03-2014 09:28 PM

A good start would be to post information about you can see from a number of forum members there is a lot of guessing about the current issue....and no communication fro Virgin.....better be transparent than have disgruntled customers

The man phone...

by JamesS on ‎29-11-2012 10:31 AM

Phones are growing so large these days - that's great if you have a handbag, but for us dudes with only pockets I'd suggest a flexible and malleable phone! That way, you can compress it down to a nice small 4 inches to fit in your pocket, but when you want to watch a video on the fly, just apply firm pressure on the screen for it to stretch out that extra inch for a great view.

But that's not all. Being flexible and malleable, the man's phone would resist drops. It should also be sweat proof, water proof and beer proof (UDLs, or any other pre-mixer should cause irreparable damage).

Then you need some good hardware: throw in a good camera (again, cos we dont have a handbag to carry another one), GPS, compass, and an infra-red port, so you can use your phone as a TV remote.

Finally, you need man apps - a calendar, that reminds you not just the day of the your loved one's birthday, but tells you to go shopping a week in advance (outside of footy times, of course). It also needs direct links to 9gag, and a password protected LOLcats app so that no-one else knows your secret, dirty addiction.

Cmon, let's make the man phone happen!

Usage and Bill status service

by lamsylvia on ‎13-03-2013 10:14 PM
There should be a service for us consumers to access our plan information quickly and efficiently. Vodafone and Optus customers have a smartphone app in which their login can display their usage statistics and such. If not an app, perhaps a phone number we are able me message in order to receive our status.

easy payment option

by wenD on ‎14-12-2012 07:07 PM

Hello Virgin,

Please provide option of bank transfer  to pay bills. Direct debit is awkward. Credit card payment attracts a fee.

Bank transfer is simple - all we require is bank number and what you require to label the payment ie service number.



Receipt for online prepaid top-ups

by dh on ‎21-08-2014 07:05 PM

Would be a good idea to add in an option to be able to print/download a receipt for online prepaid top-ups, so could claim them on tax returns.

Panic Alarm

by Whiskjoe on ‎28-11-2012 09:21 AM

With smart phones these days having the capacity of computers, and the price point of easy access to most teenagers. The one thing I would like to see as far as innovation goes, is not a bigger camera's or faster CPU's or bigger and flexible screens.


What I would like is an option to have a Child Aware micro chip hard wired into the phone with a panic button on the phone. The button would need to be recessed to stop accidental deployment and held for 3 sec before activation.


Essentially once activated the hard wire chip automatically activates the GPS on the phone and sends silent sms to 4 or more nominated persons. These are time dated and gps co ordinates hard coded. Also have the button sense the length of depression so a short press (3 sec) sends the information silently to not alert the assailant, if however the button is depressed for longer (6 sec or more) the phone will emit a high pitch panic alarm, loud enough to alert passerby's that the person who has activated this feature is in danger.


It may save a child's life.

More details

by valz17 on ‎21-02-2013 07:54 AM

To whom it may concern,

I feel it would be beneficial to customers if they can see a breakdown of their usage on their mobile phones to be able to estimate what is costing them the most money on their bills while reviewing it online.

Further details of how close they are to their limit (like a picture of a bar and how many % they are in their usage) would be helpful as well. Especially with the rollover of credit, it would make it easier to understand how much credit is entitled to them.

And this would apply to both the internet usage and phone usage.

Thank you.



by Recalcitrant on ‎17-01-2015 01:50 PM

Just a thought ... for extremely excellent customer service would love VIRGIN call credits to be convertible to data credits.

While call credits on my pre-paid account increase i exceed my data credits for internet usage. Not prepared to keep paying $10 for 300MB! Accept the impetus is to recharge on greater plan with more data AND get even more call credits! Have been a Virgin customer since 2003. Would be prepared to pay $100 in call credits to convert to 1GB data credits :smileyhappy:

Body heat charger

by jarjar on ‎01-12-2012 04:49 PM

All phones should be able to charge up using body heat. Great for environment and great for my body :smileywink:

Submit your ideas for tech innovation!

by Community Manager ‎27-11-2012 08:51 AM - edited ‎28-11-2012 08:45 AM

Tell us your ideas for the best tech innovation you would like to see in a phone and the idea with the most kudos by 9am Monday 3rd of Decmber wins a brand spanking new HTC One S! It's that easy. Check this out for inspriation 


Make sure you submit a new idea via the "Idea Exchange" don't post it below. :smileyhappy:

Three Complaints

by Swami yesterday

1)  Why do I have to log in to the Broadband Usage Page every time on my desktop with clunky old fill in the form keystrokes  "" plus "password". There is no "Remember Me" or "Keep me Signed in". It's simple software design. Other carriers have it. Get it together Virgin.


2) Why is it not possible to see the 1GB add-ons that have been made during any usage/billing month. These seem to be hidden -- firstly on the Accouts page, I cannot see my $15 paid in -- and secondly on the Usage page where there is no sign of having more credit than the initial 12GB. It's simple software design. Other carriers have it. Get it together Virgin.


3) When is Virgin going to release a Windows Phone App for the Broadband Usage and My Account pages. Both the same complaints as above ... lots of keystroke time wasting on my phone just to access Usage and Account details when on the go. It's simple software design. Other carriers have it. Get it together Virgin.


All pretty slack, yet tiny ommisions, for a multi-billon dollar multi-national company which purposes to want to keep cutomers happy.


What I would want to invent a transparent thin phone made out of glass with the capability of graphics popping out of the screen like a 3D project sort of thing. Obviously I will also put the fastest cpu and gpu in there as well with plenty of ram and memory for people to enjoy it. In terms of features I also wanted it to have a blood pressure reader application to help the people that have a heart problem.

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