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Howabout a mobile plan for parents and familes that provides a bit more control for parents over what their kids get up to on their phones. When the parent buys they plan for their kids, you could role out a 'kids' profile to the childrens mobiles so that their data goes through a filtering proxy so known dodgy content is disallowed. The parents can get a webpage that provides them with a webpage report of where their kids have been. What apps they have been using and who they have been talking to.

You could even set it up so they phone switches off at a time set by the parents. You could also use the data to allow the parents to track where their kids are and report it on a google map. Is johno over at davids or is he down the park with steve breaking into cars


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This is where I would like to thank Virgin for sending me a gift for providing ideas to this forum.It was very much unexpected and apprieciated. I hope to see some of the ideas implemented soon. 

The Question is

Why is the 13GB post paid mobile broadband dearer per MB than the 12GB plan????

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I have suggested b4 why don't you have cheaper plans for Partners and Families like your broadband plan when you combine them together. It would be less paper work for you better for the environment less paper being used and Im pretty positive more customer for you aswell. :smileywink:




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it would be ideal if u have more than one phone plan we should be able to share the value of the plan data txt call with each other by transferring the value within same account,Last month One of my phone run out of txt and call value where as my other phone had more than 300$ value of call and txt which expired

it should be interchangaeble if u have one account twoo phone plan

Samsung phone bundle

by Jazz-mon on ‎17-01-2015 05:18 PM

It would be cool if you could get a samsung phone and the samsung galaxy watches as a bundle on new phone plans. Coz they are super expensive to buy by themselves so customers could pay them off on their monthly phone bill like they do with handset repayments.


by Recalcitrant on ‎17-01-2015 01:50 PM

Just a thought ... for extremely excellent customer service would love VIRGIN call credits to be convertible to data credits.

While call credits on my pre-paid account increase i exceed my data credits for internet usage. Not prepared to keep paying $10 for 300MB! Accept the impetus is to recharge on greater plan with more data AND get even more call credits! Have been a Virgin customer since 2003. Would be prepared to pay $100 in call credits to convert to 1GB data credits :smileyhappy:

Virgin learning

by loui_lewis on ‎28-12-2014 12:54 PM
I am an educational technologist with 15 years experience in online learning. I have recently completed a thesis in personalised learning which focuses using modern technologies and practices to encourage rich and deep learning experiences. I am also an avid follower of Sir Richard's blog. Sir Richard's ethos of leadership is much in alignment with personalised learning which shifts the power to the learner to determine their learning path. My idea is to create a modern elearning environment using the best that the web has to offer and I have recently successfully completed a project for a large Australian Institution which has embraced these concepts. Unfortunately there are those who struggle with change and innovation in education which means that this valuable idea will not get of the ground any further than the project. Virgin learning would embrace the learner centred philosophy using Web 2.0 technologies, high speed broadband and sound pedagogical practices to support learners. I would be pleased to discuss this further with you as it is the way of the future - past (massive open online courses) MOOCs although embracing the philosophy and more. In my field, I can see the tide changing. The time to be at the vanguard of this change is now in k-12 and further education!
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family bonus

by nickmaskell on ‎15-12-2014 12:59 PM

i have 4 family member on virgin and i think there should be a family bonus

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Try to support more HTC line devices

by Kuskus on ‎28-11-2014 02:24 PM

The HTC devices are really good quality, like the Samsung devices. You've probably heard this all before but I am kinda looking at the HTC One M8. I would like it if in the future you attempted to get support for newer models in the HTC line.

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Google Play Store wont open

by scottmac on ‎24-11-2014 07:10 AM

Has any body got an idea how to get Google Play Store to work ,this is for my sons new Xperia Z1.I have tried every thing to get it to work ,spent an hour or more googling for options and fixes.I am stumped now and have no idea !will a factory re-set remove all of Virgin mobiles internal settings ?.Bit worried about doing that and then the phone wont work properly after.Thanks

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online store and offline store

by yangsanend1 on ‎06-11-2014 10:28 AM

Hi, I bought the phone online and brought the new phone to the virgin store to activate it and they said they couldn't help me only because I bought the phone online.

it will be better to combine service no matter onlive or offline.

Email me when my phone comes in

by danielruhl on ‎28-10-2014 08:33 AM

Pretty standard on ecommerce sites - don't force the customer to check back in a few days or whatever, they won't be coming back. Instead, let them put in their email and send them a message when the item comes back in stock.

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Ideas not acted on

by kimbremner on ‎25-10-2014 04:27 PM

I have been reviewing my posts for the last couple of years and it is disappointing that none of my reasonable ideas have bee acted on by Virgin. I suggested sharing data between SIM cards as other Telcos do - no reply. I suggested larger plans for rural users with no access to NBN or ADSL - no comment. What is the point of having an ideas forum if Virgin is not prepared to discuss why a particular ideas are not being acted on? Show me the arguements of why the ideas are not feasible 

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I feel like this would be useful for people, especially parents. I know it would greatly improve my experience.

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missed call text and voicemail

by onedergirl on ‎05-10-2014 08:30 PM

I've just ported over from Optus and have previously had Telstra also. What’s disappointed me is the fact that there are no missed call texts if you have voicemail activated. I’m forced into either or. Virgin you're behind on this as the bigger Telco’s offer both services simultaneously. The idea is that when someone calls you and wasn’t able to reach you (either standard missed call or if there was no coverage at the time) that they are able to leave a voicemail if they wish. Regardless whether they do leave a vmail you get a text saying with a number telling you someone either left a voicemail or didn’t leave one.


Currently you have either one of two options:


OPTION 1 - a voice message to text that only offers 10 seconds. What if your caller is calling on a no caller ID and needs to leave a message that is longer than 10 seconds? I have tested this and it’s not long enough to leave a message and number. This option lets me receive missed call notifications but voicemail is deactivates.


OPTION 2 - IF i decide I need a voicemail I then get no missed call notification unless the caller leaves a message... It’s important as sometimes when coverage is out you are unaware anyone called.


These are both quite important and standard features that need to be able to be implemented simultaneously.

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Is it possible to walk in to a virgin mobile retailer or original manufacturer store to exchange incase we customers received a dead on arrival phone or damaged phone? 

Why all the restrictions to prevent this? We new customers are always anxious and waiting and wanting to use our new phones as soon as possible and when faced with this situation, why let us wait even longer? we are not responsible for spoiling the phone. 

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Responses from Virgin to these ideas ...?

by dh on ‎09-09-2014 11:06 PM

The whole "idea exchange" thing might be more encouraging if there was an indication that someone from Virgin is at least reading these ideas and maybe occasionally responding? ... even if just to say that an idea is too expensive or complicated to set up or that something is being looked into?

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Fix Flags for Inappropriate Content

by KCMcG on ‎09-09-2014 01:58 PM

I tried typing the following content into a new message and the forum would not accept it for some reason.


"I'm taking a trip to Europe for 2 weeks."


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